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Desc:in the future we will be able to kill from a distance using only Mariah Carey's inhuman wailing
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:sound, Military, weapon, hypersonic, directional sound
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Comment count is 14
Caminante Nocturno
Yeah, great. So you're going to kill our enemies with royalty-free sound effects?

That bald putz still went home and masturbated to thoughts of sound killing people, regardless.
Robert DeNegro
I don't know what this is??? Will ant one of the seven of you who pulled this out of the Hopper elxpain this to me???
directional sound to hurt your enemies, apparently

it's a thing that does stuff like he says

Coca-Cola is going to use it for billboards. The Army is going to make it very loud and weaponize it. Everyone else is going to use it for pranks.

And Pink Floyd will spend millions developing a way to use it in concert that will actually punch holes in stadium walls.

Rape Van Winkle

The LRAD or maybe similar ones are already used in a few places.

But yeah nothing good can come of this technology. Once they start beaming ads into our heads I'm just going to give up on this world.

The only reason the bald guy joined the SEALS is because everyone he meets instinctively wants to kick his ass.
Directional sound would be cool in an apartment building when you don't want to piss off your neighbours.
or for a laptop. i can sit here and watch movies and not disturb my fam, but not have to wear headphones!

Rape Van Winkle
Well at least you have a fam to disturb, you smug cunt.

Yeah, stop flaunting it around you dick. Some of us have to make do with just sock puppets and home-made wives.

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