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Desc:Who you gettin' bratty!? Goggly Gogol? Johnny Zhivago? The Heaven 17?
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:heaven 17, clockwork orange, kubrick, ultraviolence, wendy carlos
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Comment count is 17
he totally rapes them
La Loco
"A bit cold and pointless isn't it my lovely?"
"Angel's trumpets and devil's trombones!"

I love those lines.

And no he doesn't rape em'. Dork.

He does in the book. Also in the book they're like 12.

This scene is indeed much different in the book. In the film it doesn't convey the level of depravity and detachment from humanity that the book does. In the film it definitely showcases the character and displays his theme-relevant flaws but in a completely different way. The book's scene makes you pull away from the character, the movie's take on it kind of endears you to him.

endears him to you. sorry.

Still, it's a fantastic scene. McDowell, the sets, the music, the cinematography. There's just about all proper characters of equal epic status.

And if you haven't read the novel, do so.

What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on?

Did you know the original version of the novel (the British edition) had another chapter? In it, Alex gets bored with violence and decides to rejoin society and grow up. It was cut from the American versions before 1986 (which the film was based on) because Burgess' publisher thought it would improve sales.

@ nidan

All recent editions in the US have the original 21st chapter restored, unless I'm mistaken.

Robert DeNegro
After reading Burgess' book in HS, me and my friend memorized the Nadsat dictionary and tried to constantly speak it using the old Warbly-Barbly poogliy divotchke yarbles-blah blah.

I wish to hell some seniors beat the shit out of us!!
Menudo con queso
All high schoolers need compulsory beatings, with the reasons clearly explained to them beforehand. The neo-hippies, the Limbaugh dittoheads, the Monty Python memorize-and-reciters, all of them, merciless beatings all around.

They don't score movies like they used to. Not even close.
God, why is that?

wtf japan
I don't know, Children of Men had some Kubrick-esque musical moments. At least, I thought so.

One million stars for using the Lemmings music!
wtf japan
Note the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack at :48.
Duly noted

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