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Desc:Featuring further additions to the roster and already dated 'Are You Smarter Than...' jokes!
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:pro wrestling, Wrestlicious, Jimmy Hart, J.V. Rich
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Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
I was going to submit these! A girl I went to high school with is on this show, as White Magic AND Maui, the Hawaiian Princess...I wonder if she realizes what a rich tradition she's a part of, playing multiple roles in the same promotion?

hammer looks horrible for a regular person, but man, he looks great for a wrestler who's over 30.

why is jimmy hart trying to be bootsy collins?
The tune is catchy and I must say
I'll be lucky if I don't peak in rhyming couplets all day
I do want to make just one query
where'd they find that rhyming dictionary?
I peaked in a rhyming couplet - it was a terrible way to end my poetry career.

Considering the people involved -- Jimmy Hart and the rest of Hogan's cronies -- a "Are You Smarter Than..." joke is actually very recent by their standards. At least a hell of a lot more recent than everything else in this trainwreck.
what they hell is this crap?

See, the thing that I'm actually interested in is that there are a couple of legitimately talented indie workers signed on for this thing. GLOW and its short-lived followup, WOW, basically had a bunch of would-be actresses, models, and the occasional stuntman on the roster, as opposed to anyone with actual wrestling training.

Don't get me wrong, if it ever gets to air, it will be a trainwreck, but there's an off chance that there might actually be some decent wrestling involved.
Classic sexy week !!
Jimmy Hart is fucking old as fuck.
So long as they use more than one trainer to teach all the women, the product'll be better than WOW or GLOW.
i think this marks the start of fourth wave feminism
Really? Because I think it marks the downfall of society.

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