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Desc:Elizabeth Taylor gets her Francis Buxton on while dealing with matters of state.
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:Elizabeth Taylor, classic sexy, cleopatra, unholy budget
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Comment count is 14
5 for liz taylor before she started bathing with pounds of fried chicken
She was at her most beautiful in A Place In The Sun. Cleopatra is just kind of boring. (The 30's Cleopatra with Claudette Colbert is 10x better.) After this she went more for crazy/trashy roles -- see Boom for trashy or Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf for great acting/crazy. Suddenly, Last Summer for both.

Butterfield 8 was pretty good.

I'd recommend the HBO series Rome before this movie.
The Cleopatra in HBO's Rome was hella cute

Jeff Fries
Yes movie nerd week continues, no one who is young enough to be alive is going to take your movie suggestions

Why so bitter Jefferson Fries. Why so bitter.

Leave this to the professionals Jeff Fries.

Okay, time.

It took three days six hours and twenty two minutes from the activation of the "Classic Sexy" tag to someone becoming a giant one-starring douchewad about it.

While interesting, it does not nearly surpass the current record of eight hours, ten minutes, set last year by "For the Haters Week."

Ooh yes, I'd love to hear what you think classic movies are Jeff

So, wait....being familiar with the career of a classic, sexy actress and thus wanting to post "classic sexy" clips = film nerd?

You are gayer than the gayest leather daddy on the gayest float during a gay pride parade.

@ Jeff Fries: Nobody wants to hear the rantings of a tasteless fourteen year old, so quiet down and go play on 4Chan or something.

Jeff Fries: Fuk U, MET TEH SPATANS wsa mush betta! Citzen Cain wsa grabage tooooo! JERSEY SHORE, WHAT WHAT!!!!

I agree completely about A Place In The Sun, she was adorable in that, not too mention that movie was brilliant. Saw it in a college lit class.

To reiterate, Jeff, suicide is a perfectly viable option for your lack of appreciation for anything older than you.

I can imagine 14 year old boys in 1963 losing their shit in the theater at the site of this. "Oh my God we almost saw her boobs!"
Exactly, sir. Exactly.

You have no taste Jeff Fries.

Except for the taste for cock.
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