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Desc:Why don't you go out in the street and start collecting from them?
Category:News & Politics, Horror
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Comment count is 9
They. Have. No. Idea.
I wish he wouldn't have interrupted him when he tried to make a claim that as chairman AIG's shares going to shit was not his fault (i think that is what he was about to say).
I'd guess that a bit of this guy's enormous (and so clearly deserved) bonus is going towards a 24/7 security force to make sure no one who lost their house and job due to this breaks in and kills him in his sleep.
Am I supposed to shake my fists with uncontrollable rage?
my god, why does he have to be Jewish.
Can we please just send all the old people who caused this shit to some island and let them be on their own. We don't need these people. They're all going senile already, time for some replacements.

-1 For old people. -1 for old people stealing money when they will only have a couple years to enjoy it anyways, And because I'm so angry at this whole AIG bullshit.
We don't need another Australia, that is the last thing we need.

I like how the rich'uns talk about "the taxpayers," making it clear they they haven't been in that group for about eight years.
This guy should be making one dollar bets on whether a negro can become an excellent commodities trader.

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