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Desc:I can't translate, but the lack of Pan-kun or gawking TV hosts tells me Japan is sh_tting itself.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Japan, Nuclear War, Armageddon, North Korea, missle
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 22
Aelric - 2009-04-04
Japan has enough of a history with the bomb to be extra jumpy. Being here in SK, apprehensions are high, but only with us foreigners. The locals are as cavalier as ever, figuring this is just it's brother having a temper tantrum again. I'll let you know if I'm dieing from radiation poisoning. Not that any of you care, you heartless fucks.
SolRo - 2009-04-04
Face the blast if you can. Blindness aside, it will be more comfortable to spend your dying week laying on your unscorched back.

Camonk - 2009-04-04
I had a friend who was in S. Korea during the first test. I had to tell her about it because no one there was even talking about it. Meanwhile in China, all my students were freaking out and scared about craaaazy N. Korea having a nuclear weapon.

Knuckles - 2009-04-04
Awful. Only a truly backwards, evil nation would stage a nuclear attack on Japan.
Cena_mark - 2009-04-04
Just remember in 1945 they were the backwards evil ones.

Desidiosus - 2009-04-04
Yes Cena, and the Communists were our friends.

mr666 - 2009-04-04
Waahh! I agree with Cena Mark's statement! I don't know what to believe in anymore!!!

KillerGazebo - 2009-04-04
And hamburgers ate people!

kiint - 2009-04-04
- Radius of Death -

LIVE at the MegaDome!! with Shrapnel and Geiger Chansaw in a MEGASHOW-SHOW-SHOW-SHOW!!!
Daniel Striped Tiger - 2009-04-04
What the fuck is wrong with that guy's teeth? He only has four of them, but they're the size of Chicklets.
sosage - 2009-04-04
Obviously an insane Japanese scientist that they dug out of his hermit like cave, threw a sweater on and asked him to explain his life's work studying the death radius of NK missiles.

baleen - 2009-04-04
Those are homing teeth.

Sudan no1 - 2009-04-04
they contain cyanide in case the North Koreans kidnap him

afp3683 - 2009-04-04

Urburos - 2009-04-04
Ear mites.

manfred - 2009-04-04
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/33/Tokio_Kid_Say.p ng
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-04-04
Don't worry, they've got it covered.

ProfessorChaos - 2009-04-04
I'm amazed that japan has not been more active in suppressing NK's insanity. I would think that the last thing they would want is another nuke-capable nation as a neighbor.
Though, being an American, I simply haven't heard about anything they've done.

Friggin American Media.
dr_mr_vandertramps - 2009-04-04
well, you know, i'm sure the whole "eternal renunciation of war" clause McArthur built into their constitution slows things down a bit on that end.

dgraham - 2009-04-04
Hey, they're working on that one...

Witty_Pop_Culture_Reference - 2009-04-04
I want to convince all the world's military forces to sign up every heavy weapon to a self automated twitter account.
Grace Mugabe - 2009-04-04
Don't do it, North Korea! You have no idea of the terrifying pornography you'll bring about.
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