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Desc:Some of Skeletors most glorious moments in the original Masters of the Universe series.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:He-Man, Skeletor, Masters of the Universe
Submitted:Dr Dim
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Resubmit:The Mothership

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The Mothership
I always knew Skeletor was a trained poet, philosopher and economist, but I never knew he was a majorette too.
Dr Dim
There are two more, how do I link them up?

More to the point,how do I get someone else to do it?
The Starscream type was always the best 80s cartoon villain.

No Skeletor greatest hits would be complete without

That might be my favorite internet video.

Beastman had a seat a council table? I mean I think everyone knows that Beastman is one step above retarded. C'mon, Beastman, it was a courtesy seat anyhow. Don't be mad that Skeletor maybe wanted some actual advice. If you take it gracefully, you might actually earn some of Skeletor's respect.
Innocent Bystander
Why are they so worried about Man-At-Arms (?) when they've got two spares running through the door?
he was always so mean to Beastman
I never realised just how poorly drawn and animated He-Man was.
Cowboy Funk
4:01 -

They always enjoyed showing off everyones amazingly toned backsides on this show. Bit I never remembered them going this far...

What does it mean if you always rooted for the bad guy? Mumm-Ra, Gargamel, Tom from Tom and Jerry, the cats in Mighty Mouse etc.

It means that as an adult you'd end up at a site called Portal of Evil.
Caminante Nocturno
To be fair, Jerry was a little shit and deserved every ounce of suffering heaped upon him.

There's a slim chance it means you're Billy Preston and you got a story ain't got no moral.

Five stars for turning He-man into the Nameless one at 6:50.

Also, a million stars for repeated furry abuse.
I can't help but imagine the beefy rotoscope models..

"OK, Beef--we just need you to turn to your left and walk."

Beef: *flex, squat, suck in gut, flex, turn, walk.*
missing the "coke is a hell of a drug" tag.... for the writers i mean

Caminante Nocturno
Skeletor mistreats his employees because he knows they can't get work anywhere else. Eternia is incredibly racist and assigns people a value based on how they look. Skeletor takes advantage of this and hires the outcasts of society, paying them next-to-nothing and abusing them every chance he gets.

He does offer great benefits, strangely enough.
Testicles of Doom
I love Skeletor.

But I often wonder how he never accomplished anything even though he had limitless, nondescript powers and trap-doors every-damn-where.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Orco and Snarf could really duke it out for title of most useless sidekick character ever.
Most useless sidekick will always be Gleek, the wonder twins' monkey.

I have no memories of actually watching this show, but I was once told by my dad that Skeletor was my favorite character.

I now realize why. The motherfucker was a black magic mobster shooting lasers from his fingers.

I always imagined him swearing.

Can you imagine him stammering at yet another defeat and yelling "What the SHIT?! How is that fair!?" in his Skeletor voice.
Is it just me or does He-Man's chest symbol look like an Iron Cross?
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