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Desc:I guess this is how prisoners keep fit in Sweeden?
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:gay, exercise, Prison, moustache, LilNiceWolf
Submitted:The Townleybomb
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Comment count is 18
If there's such a thing as a gay recruiting tool, this is it. I really want to be both gay and Swedish now. It looks really fun.
Dear Tim and Eric,

Someone has set the bar higher.


Charmless Man
...and now and excerpt from this video's youtube description:

"They met in prison both being sentenced for minor crimes involving drugs, streaking and offence on public toilets.Life in prison was tough with guards beating mates for shaving wrong.The hair is done by a friend having a beauty, makeup and lip massage saloon."

Ahh... elegant poetry.
a flaming monkey
..."offense on public toilets"...

"lip massage"?

Muddy Mae Suggins
I'm so glad someone posted this one too.

Thanks for you posting!
I've looked over the other videos, descriptions, and comments but have not been able to say whether or not this guy does the things he does because he's insane or a genius.

I would have asked StanelyPain his opinion, as he seems make the right calls these types of things, but I think even he would be hesitant to answer this one definitively.

Oh, and if you think these are hilarious, check out his NON-animated shorts.
I would say, after checking out his YouTube area, that this fellow knows exactly what he's doing.

The COMIC BOOK HERO one has a kinda awesome SuperJail vibe.

(or maybe it's just that SuperJail has a kinda awesome Found Artist vibe)

((Or maybe we're all just a little too self-referential anymore))

If he knows what he's doing, then that's even better. Maybe his crazy won't run out and he can keep entertaining me.

Needs more ABBA.
That settles it! I KNEW Frank Zappa and Duke Nukem were gay for each other!
This is what happens when a man doesn't get enough sleep.
After looking at his other stuff I'm just going to call it and say that this is Fred Spencer.
a flaming monkey
Watch the JUNGLE BEAST GOLD SHOT CHALLENGE one. Pretty inventive really.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
The tragic thing is that this is both an anti and pro pot PSA at the same time.

This is wonderful man.
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