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Desc:There's more to life than cutting the deepest powder or getting the biggest air
Category:Religious, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:God, Jesus, faith, Powder, how extreme r u
Submitted:Muddy Mae Suggins
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Comment count is 17
Isn't an extreme skier oxymoronic?

If they really want to be extreme they should just somersault down the mountain.
Frank Rizzo
"...we can actually know that god makes the snow we ski on..."

last time I went skiing, the snow was made with machines. Blind watchmaker joke in there somewhere.
I had some smartass comments till I saw it was from everything is terrible. Thanks a lot for ruining it for me!
It's still real. They just compile the footage.

Bob thought he was going to bring it to our attention that this is terrible.

Statistically, ski bums and snowboarders have to be some of the stupidest (rich) people alive.
This is the reason I used to actually like watching the local christian channel. From about 7pm onwards, it became TEEN XTREEM XIAN VIDEO SHOW or whatever and was basically this for about 5 or 6 hours. Just lots of idiots in hipster/slacker clothes interrupting the shitty music to say things like "MAN THIS ISN'T YOUR DADDY'S CHURCH. I'M NOT SOME OLD MAN WITH A BIBLE, JUST A DUDE WITH A LOVE OF JESUS."

Sudan no1
I really want the extreme jesus music they play at 1:00.
Muddy Mae Suggins
That was my favorite part.

So me and my friend are just hanging out and then out of nowhere he goes "Yeah, I'd totally die for you." Then like a minute later, a bunch of loud jews show up and kill him. I had a damn weird night, dude.

Plus they pulled his beard off. Um, OW?
extremists, feh
Caminante Nocturno
I've known people who would have been more than happy to let me die in their place, so I guess that means I'm a lot like Jesus.
I've always wondered, is there such thing as an "impersonal" lord and savior?
+2 for them calling themselves extremists.
+1 for Scott Hannah's shirt and hat combo.
+1 for "Everything Is Terrible"
-1 for have an "e" in front of XTREME!
they pull the beard from his hipster face
This ain't your daddy's faith.
If you had a friend who would die for you and a mob comes and assaults him and you do nothing I'd call you a fucking douchebag.
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