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Desc:Does anyone else kind of wish someone sold these things?
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:England, tweed, scooter, float, hover
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Comment count is 15
Samisyosam - 2009-04-11
Yeah, that thing looks really stable on water...
millerman13 - 2009-04-11
When I was a freshman in high school I built one of those. We took a round piece of plywood, put an old shower curtain with little holes in it on the bottom, and drilled a hole on top to pump a leaf blower through. They are not very fun/safe. Do not try this at home.
VoilaIntruder - 2009-04-11
Comparable results, albeit on a smaller scale, can be achieved with plywood and a strong vacuum cleaner motor. Not only is it inefficient and goofy looking, but it scares my cats and makes me laugh.

Shoebox Joe - 2009-04-11
This literally needs to be a subject of a horror film. The build up would be awesome!
baleen - 2009-04-11
Can't see any problems with a few hundred of these scouring our national parks.
Shoebox Joe - 2009-04-11
They're fun for the kids!

athodyd - 2009-04-11
and so the war between mods and rockers escalated out of control
SenilePlacebo - 2009-04-11
Oooh, they just perfectly edited out the scenes where he mowed over the shrubbery.
Killer Joe - 2009-04-11
kiint - 2009-04-11
scrubbin' bubbles!
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-04-11
By the time he gets the damned thing under control, Dr. Quest and his meddling son have long since escaped.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2009-04-11
Frank Black as seen by the Rank Organization, circa 1960.
La Loco - 2009-04-11
This looks more like modern footage that they tried to make look vintage.
Camonk - 2009-04-11
It's full of eels.
Evilhead - 2009-04-12
I like how they cut right before the guy takes out some shrubbery at :34.
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