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Desc:bizzaro correlations between ancient judaism and ancient japan. this makes wwii even more hilarious
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:Japan, Jews
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Comment count is 12
Come on.

Are you kidding me

Rape Van Winkle

Of of 92 characters in hirigana and katakana, 14 correlate with hebrew.

I'm convinced. We should have been gassing them too.
The A-bomb didn't do the trick well enough, eh?

There are way more cultures that are supposedly a lost tribe of Israel than there were lost tribes of Israel. Also, Japanese peoples' noses are way too small.
Are you telling me that they're ALL circumcised for no reason?

Hrm. What they're implying is perhaps an israeli tribe settle there and merged their culture with locals. It's not to say that japanese are israelis. but perhaps there's some judea blood in the pool somewhere.

On the other hand, a lot of cultures around the world, separated by great distances, have similarities for no obvious reasons.

No. They are Indians. Seriously, they have tepees.
Do you like our... teepees?

Does Java Man know about this?
Redefines the acronym JAP.
wtf japan
No. Have you seen what the Japanese eat? Everything else checks out though. Weird.
We Irish/Phoenicians can understand your plight.
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