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Desc:What do YOU do when your dog is stuck in the toilet?
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:Laugh, toilet, pug, bath
Submitted:Lauritz Melchior
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Comment count is 24
I'm embarrassed for the dog.
I don't know, at least he's trying to keep what little dignity he has left.

By helplessly looking at his owner instead of actually trying to get out of his predicament?

I don't think the pug knew that anything was out of place. He was sitting a little funny, that's all. Pugs always have that plaintive expression.

I'm having a hard time trying to describe the theme of that music succinctly. The shortest I can get is "this person/group is unpleasant, possibly evil, and is doing something to its/their liking."

The music mixed with the malevolent cackle makes this something beautiful.
Albuquerque Halsey
It's a dog, bark!
stuck in a toilet

It's a dog, bark!
stuck in a toilet

It's a dog, bark!
stuck in a toilet

It's a dog, bark!
stuck in a toilet,

he does not care,
if he's in doookie waterrrrr,

flops his feet around,
as his owners go awwwww!

It's a dog, bark!
stuck in a toilet

It's a dog, bark!
stuck in a toilet

It's a dog, bark!
stuck in a toilet

Please, please, please someone make this Parry Gripp-esque video.

Why is stuck in the toilet?

Because it's a pug.

Adorable dogs but dumber than a sock full of rocks.
I'll have you know that my pug writes for Esquire, sir.

What would i do?
I'm rather upset that the owner didn't.

Frank Rizzo
this dog is alright
and this dog is pretty cool
I dont thats a dog
and this dog is stuck in the toilet
but this dog is awesome!!!
Being stuck in a toilet is kind of the opposite of awesome.

not if you love toilets!

Cap'n Profan!ty
Fifth star withheld because they didn't flush it. I'm pretty sure they'd get a jump or a spin from the dog that way.
Wonko the Sane
that is a dog who knows shame
The advertising I saw for this video was "Don't Kill Your Dog!"
The music, the laugh, and the heartbroken look on the dog's face combines to make this something amazing.

Ironically, I listen to MacLeod's music all the time.
I want to know the lead-up to this story
i like the part where he calls in his gay life partner to laugh at the dog
-1 for the tag at the end, though.
A++ would watch again
this video delivers!!!
quick service and lots of laffs!!!

pug owner
Way more intense than the preload and title led me to expect
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