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Desc:More goodies from 'Answers in Genesis'
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:Evolution, Christian, creationism, parental neglect, answers in genesis
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Comment count is 18
It is the year 2009 and people still think humans spawned from divinely transmogrified Play-Doh six thousand years ago.

Nothing that has happened in the past can be science. I've learned something new.
how do you make a leap from "we originated from X" to "because we originated from X morals don't exist"? what does the origin of life have to do with how life is lived in the context of right and wrong?
A cynical person might say that someone acting ethically only under threat of eternal torture is a sociopath.

Son of Slam
I am becoming less and less able to laugh at this, and my anger is growing.

So tired of this crap.
I'm still finding myself able to laugh at it, but this video, in particular, I also find deeply unnerving–more so than the others–I think because it is specifically targeted at children.

Almost all Xtian media is aimed at kids... so depressing.

It's as if Xtian parents/adults are just smart enough to be angry about how stupid they are, and don't want to give their kids the opportunity to become smarter.

I can laugh on the outside but cry on the inside, because we had to watch videos like this all the time, and probably this one when I was young and in church.

They were always like cheap knockoffs of Bill Nye the Science Guy, which I grew up watching before the sunday school teachers decided it was time to defend us from science, so I didn't lend them much credence.

You're more forgiving than I am. So much terrible smug propagandist bullshit. I want to punch the people who made this in the face repeatedly until I have completely obliterated their facial muscles.

Really man? It's a fucking Triceratops.

I was having a bad day. I think I'll settle for just a few layers of skin.

"The study of the origins of how the earth was made is not science. Its just a belief."

Even at age 4, I doubt that one would have slipped by my bullshit detector. And I demand to see Dr. Tall's credentials.

Oh, I remember this video clip from Jesus Camp. (The film, not any Jesus Camp that I attended.)

Terrible kid-brainwashing shit.
Caminante Nocturno
High-budget child abuse.
Oh my fuck, at the end, they even touch on how some people believe that we were placed here by aliens, but point out that such people are idiots because, "WELL WHERE DID THE ALIENS COME FROM?! EVERYTHING NEEDS A DESIGNER" before charging right back into ("MY) GOD DID IT AND THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO KNOW!" --territory.

Is this closer to the definition of stupidity, or obliviousness?

Also, all those toddler-oriented super-fast-cuts are making my head hurt.
asian hick
Completely unrelated question: How illegal is it to mail a box of your poop to someone in anger?
Play it safe, mail a box of *someone else's* poop.

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