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Desc:Also, her house is HUGE
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Raccoon, better animals, not a cat
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Comment count is 15
We need a new "Also her house is huge" tag.
I thought it said "Another Time Racoon" and I thought it would be a racoon that could travel through time. I was only slightly dissapointed with the video.
Gamara II
5 stars for how you can totally tell she's fat starting at 2:18, due to the thundering bass in her steps and the waddling of the camera. Or, just bad at walking.
Nah, she's not fat, you can see half her body at one point. The thundering bass is from the footsteps resonating in her gigantic house.

I think she's running to stop the raccoon rifling through her knicker drawer or something

Lady, he clearly ain't listening to you. "Mommy."
I don't think you can tame a racoon.
If you raise them from near birth you can. You can actually train them to open your fridge and get you a beer.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
I bet if you train it to open the beer you'll suddenly find you have none left.

I'm sure that monkey lady thought the same thing, until it ate her friend's face off.

Testicles of Doom
At two points in my childhood, our family had a tame raccoon.

They were cool and fun, and they liked marhsmellows.

Raccoon goes where raccoon wants to go.
the only thing that happens is the raccoon continues to not be a cat.
people who talk to animals
Way to advance the stereotype by going straight for a trashcan the second you get loose.
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