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Desc:'Babylon the Harlot (America for short), will be finished in one hour for the souls she did abort.'
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:Dr. Seuss, Christian, wallpaper
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5 for "We deserve his wrathful rod"
Good to see Dr. Breen branched out.
"I'm your host William Tapley..."

*me drinking soda*

"...also known as the third eagle of the apocalypse."

Same reaction... and it only got better from there.

"Pome" and bomb rhyme as well as Lord and heard

Satan loses to movie phone number prefixes?

Also, eagerly awaiting the power metal rendition.

Deeply evil and corrupt.
I could only stand 4 minutes of this, but those four minutes were humorous.
At the beginning of this I thought he was going for a sort of "maybe one day this will be discovered and I will be seen as the next Nostradamus"-type vibe but then it just kinda went downhill from there. Still, maximum stars for the stopped clock hiding all the cuts between and in mid- sentence.
What's the point of getting on your knees if you don't have a prayer?

I'm not sure... is this what happenes as a result of jesus' stopping being forgiving? Or else is he saying this is what is going to cause god to stop being forgiving? Cuz, my response differs depending.
Either, this is all happening as a result of a lack of forgiveness - well, my Holy Lamp Post says since jesus is a myth, his forgiveness was never about, and so couldn't have been lost. Really, it's all us wonderfully doltish humans, and a bit of sciency-nature.
Else, this is what we are doing that will cause us a loss of forgiveness - in which case, how forgiving is your jesus to begin with? Where is his forgiveness getting you right now -enabling at best? I don't see him walking the streets saving all you people from yourselves. (Check the streets - Street Lamp Posts can be found all over!)
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