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Desc:Hilarios ice cream man delivers Jackie Chan into hands of bad guys, gets punched in face
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Jackie Chan, ice cream, doesnt want ice cream, ICE CRAAAAAAME
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Comment count is 9
Ice crame. Hilarios.
A Warwilf? Faacinahting.

Clip is longer then i think poster intended, but the longer stuff is a Jackie Chan fight scene. So, that's fun - It's like 2 clips for the price of one.
Here is a question for the engineers: Can you really moon jump with a big promotional balloon like that, and will you do it and film yourself, please?
Ranma X.
The bigger question is why is there a giant red gorilla balloon at an outdoor wedding?

The answer of course is that Mr. Nice Guy is an awesome movie.

That, and it's a Biker wedding.

The string quartet was booked solid.

In fact, watching the movie as I am right now, they've managed to strip pretty much every appearance of the multiple leather-clad grooms and their hogs and the gang colors-wearing preacher from this edited video. Since I can think of no LOGICAL reason for them to do this, as it only makes the scene more hilariously HK-nonsensical, I am forced to believe there are more sinister motives behind their doing so.

Spit Spingola
He can sell out Jackie Chan but he can't sell some ice cream to save his life.
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