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Desc:it's fluffy and has problems
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:bird, parakeet, better animals, worse animals
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James Woods
Ew! kill it! kill it!
Elvis Hitler
Before it breeds.

It's a Cthulu-keet, how adorable.
Its more cute than it is freaky.
From what I hear, parakeets with this particular birth defect have trouble eating and typically do not live long, but it's nice to see it being well cared-for.
Yeah, that doesn't look like a particularly beneficial mutation to have.


Sometimes god gets bored, or jesus gets high.

Well it's a clear example of micro-evolution as the parakeet has not magically left it's kind. Keep trying though evolutionists.
At first I thought it was one of those floofy polish chickens...

Poor little guy. Glad he has a good home.

Let's breed it and sell it to Southern ladies.
"Whipper is actually a mutant parakeet"

No, REALLY? And yes, I have a feeling that it has a bundle of tentacles instead of a tongue.
No, that would be a lorikeet.

http://media.photobucket.com/image/lorikeet%20tongue/lissy_77/ Iceblock_tongue.jpg

for some reason I feel like I need to get me a loofah
Wait 'til Brian sees this. He'll be the new national animal.
Glad to see they finally crossbred a parakeet and an old english sheep dog.

I also love the "its parents actually abandoned it at birth because of the way it looked" line accompanied by the happy jingle, and then the video ending on that note.
So does he only have problems with forming feathers, or is he all twisted up underneath, too?

He makes a cute noise, though.
Syd Midnight
"Dustmop parakeets" are normal except their feathers never stop growing. It's really creepy mutation and they eventually die from it, so its neat to see one in good spirits.

All parakeets look like a monster from a videogame about Hell, if you take away their feathers.

Poor baby.
Somewhere a parakeet had sex with a pile of seaweed
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