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Desc:submitted primarily for kirk's math skills at 1:58
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, autism spectrum disorders, beard-fu
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Comment count is 16
So many stars.
Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
Why is Deanna Troi's mother naked at the end?
If I remember correctly, when Betazeds get married, they do it naked.

Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
Okay, but her mom's still a slut.

Nah, it was just to piss everyone off at how "stuck up" they were or something.

As I recall her mother really was a slut. She was a galactic milf who fucked everything, like a Jewish Eartha Kitt.

I really hate that show in retrospect.

It's funny, because that's Gene Roddenberry's Wife. She was also the voice of the computer.

Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
Sadly, we all probably know who that is.

Caminante Nocturno
Suck on that, Star Trek fans! Where's your precious 'Force' now?
The Vorlons took it!

But en route to the Vorlon's space castle, the Force was confiscated by the Lensmen, whose top officer, Ming the Merciless, sought to sell it to Captain Angel Torchwood for 5,000 Buckazoids. Luckily, Green Lantern impregnated the Tardis just in time to stop them from succeeding in their plan to eat Kang and Kodos' galaxy and use the energy to build Ender his own Gundam.

Too much, man. Too much.

It's in Heinlein's back yard. They brought it to the tea party.

Star Trek paradoxes video 4/5

Kirk's math skills are fine. He's just trying to sell those people a booster that doesn't actually do anything.
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