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Category:Humor, Classic Movies
Tags:Star Wars, macgyver, mashup
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 10
robotkarateman - 2009-04-16
So far I've enjoyed every one of these, although the Dallas one is by far the most brilliant.
Camonk - 2009-04-16
The problem with the Dallas one is that I'm sorry but David Whatverfuck didn't play Darth Vader. James Earl Jones did.

robotkarateman - 2009-04-17
You're thinking about the new versions. In the original, non-CG trilogy, David Prowse did all the body acting for Vader and David Hyde Pierce did the voice.

IrishWhiskey - 2009-04-16
5 for reminding me of that poor guy on Jabba's Barge (0:50).

"Hey, what's all the commotion out....shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"
Mike Tyson?! - 2009-04-16
That is bascially all of Star Wars to me. People going HEY WHAT'S THAT NOIS-(Wilhelm Scream).

Xenocide - 2009-04-16
All Luke needs to defeat the Empire is a flashlight, a paper clip, and lots and lots and lots and lots of plot armor.
fluffy - 2009-04-16
So when will there be a Mythbusters debunking the trash compactor escape?
Camonk - 2009-04-16
Psst, here is the myth
It was a movie

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-04-16
PREDICTION: Their last episode will be an attempt at busting the Sarlacc "digested over several thousands of years" myth. It will not be a happy finale.

Innocent Bystander - 2009-04-17
"I remember when we went ice-fishing with my dad, and he used to show me how eskimos would make lamps with whale fat and firewood.

And then he went to the dark side."
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