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Desc:Baby moose and their mommy come to somebody's backyard and discover a sprinkler! Just so cute!
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:Alaska, moose, twins, sprinkler, backyard
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Comment count is 13
Helena Handbasket - 2009-04-18
I was going to make a snide remark about how moose are badass assholes who will wreck your shit, or about Sarah Palin gunning them down later...but

mouser - 2009-04-18
This is indeed very cute and extremely appetizing at the same time. A million stars for juicy moose.

spikestoyiu - 2009-04-19
Nobody's ever responded to a cute animal video by suggesting they would like to eat them before! You, mouser, are VERY OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-07-01
Don't you mean... TRULY OUTRAGEOUS?

ProfessorChaos - 2009-04-18
I forgot how gargantuan moose are. I can't compromise by not giving -1 star for obnoxious moo-sic, though.
Cleaner82 - 2009-04-18
Good god look at the size of it!!!
Bone_Vulture - 2009-04-19
0:40 - "Hello there!"

RockBolt - 2009-04-18
bakune young - 2009-04-18
halon - 2009-04-18
This one kind of drags on, and that music is terrible.
Dinanukht - 2009-04-19
I don't know what you guys are talking about. The music MAKES this video.
chairsforcheap - 2009-04-19
moose say it best when moose say nothing at all.
Cleaner82 - 2009-04-19
As opposed to, "HUUUURM!"

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