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Desc:Remember to turn off annotations
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:Rap, turkey, funky, obama, international diplomacy
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Between this, the Barack Obama merengue and the Japanese town singing his praises, it's a world of musical fun for the next four years.
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Musical fun and an inability to sue the NSA

Crying baby, we are brothers.
'Obama... Oh-Obama'

'Stop these wars... bring back hope... we are brothers... except for the goddamned Kurds, please keep selling us weapons in violation of your own legal system so we can keep practicing genocide... '

'Obama... Oh-Obama'
Captain bring-down over here.

Oh, come on! With a groove like that, they've earned to get away with a bit of genocide, haven't they?

was that x-men footage or armageddon footage or deep impact footage right about 1:32?
Well, considering he stopped a bomb in mid-air with but a wave of his hand shortly before that... I'd have to go with X-men.

That would be Armageddon, in reverse!

I like the idea that people in other nations are making feel-good dance videos about the President. The concept alone makes me happy.

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