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Desc:chalk one up for the canine
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:dog, cat, blanket, CATegory, BLANKETegory
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Comment count is 12
Louis Armstrong
WHAT! no DOGegetegegegorety tag?
That dog is a raging asshole. But my cats never put themselves under any blanket.
A clear setup by whomever filmed this video, but still hilarious.

My cat crawls under blankets. He does so to attack like a trap door spider.

Dog just made the death list.
As soon as the camera stops recording..

Someone's food dish is gonna get crapped in tonight.

And that someone will probably not even notice.
Dogs LOVE cat crap. It will be a special treat for him.

Helena Handbasket
It's the mildly conscience tail twitching that gets me
The Townleybomb
Awww, it thinks it's people!
The cat can't be bothered to give a crap.
That's how it really seems.

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