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Desc:Cookie Monster on xylophone, Pink Ape on bass.
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:cookie monster, subway, ape, xylophone
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Comment count is 21
Give him money you motherfuckers!
:38 gave some change

That wouldn't even cover the dry cleaning on such a fine costume!

Singlehandedly saved the whole idea of busking from the hipster retard asswipes who have made me hate the very concept.
And you think these aren't hipster retard asswipes?

They are certainly talented.

I think they're hipster asswipes, who think they're art is taken to a whole new level by making the world a little bit surreal.

Teased Vagina
-1 for the possibility this might be "glamorbombing" (shock twist: I was gonna give it 6)


I've noticed some really weird perceptions of what constitutes "hipster culture" on this website.

Is anybody that does anything with any kind of irony in a public setting a hipster?

I think the idea here is to get noticed and therefore make more money which is a very red blooded American thing to do

I'll be honest, most of the buskers I see around are grizzled old dudes or naive conservatory students, I don't count the latter as hipsters. The xylophonist was pretty good, and it takes a lot of work to get to that point. This isn't your normal "I'm going to be a mediocre amateur photographer for a while" slacker hobby.

Poetv treats the hipster beast with a paranoia that the rest of the internet usually reserves for furries. It's weird, guys.

70% of people who watch this video don't even notice the man in the pink gorilla suit, right?
Baby Finster
The fact that the bass is almost inaudible doesn't help.

La Loco
New Yorkers are so jaded not even Cookie Monster and pink gorilla will get their attention.

Not shown: If you walk down the track a little bit there's a man who has made a suit of armor out of shitstained toilet paper and garbage bags and he's yelling "I am the shit of Christ and I demand money for food."
Right next to him, two rats are fucking, and right next to that, Lou Reed is eating a gyro.

La Loco
Next to that I'm peeing on the third rail again.

That is some damn fine xylophony.
That was pretty delightful
Binro the Heretic
This brightened up my whole crummy day. I wish I could reach through the monitor (and the fabric of time & space) to drop a twenty in their suitcase.
Lauritz Melchior
I just had an idea for my Super Awesome Piano Recital!
Lies, lies, LIES!
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