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Desc:The ad that launched a thousand nerd-boners.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Mst3k, commercials, billy west, 1989, the comedy channel
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Comment count is 20
Yes, I know it was on KTMA before this. This was the first cable promo. Shut up.

(I was ten, and was flipping channels one saturday, and caught the ass end of Women of the Prehistoric Planet. My brain was forever broken, because these guys were doing the exact same shit I got in trouble for doing in school, except they were good at it and they were apparently making money with it.)
About the same for me, except I saw the last 45 minutes of fugitive alien. I was smitten. To this day, I watch at least one episode a week. If that makes me a fanboy, so be it.

I'm glad they got rid of Weinstein
Aw, I liked him. Plus, I think he was legitimately about 18-19 years old at the time, so give him some slack.

He is actually alot better nowadays. In fact, having rewatched some episodes with him as Tom, he wasn't so bad then. He just sucked as the pre-Frank.

I remember seeing a few partial episodes with him and then not seeing it for about a year before I started watching it religiously. For a long time I was never completely sure if I had imagined him, or what, sicne they never reran his episodes.

Yeah, see, I saw the entire first season as a kid, and then we moved to BFE and didn't have cable, so I had to rely on getting people to tape it for me and I heard there was this new guy and they got rid of Dr. Earhardt and it was WEIRD and DIFFERENT and you know how that drill goes.

God damn it.

Now there's a crack in my monitor from where I tried to punch that fucking J. Elvis Weinstein. It was pure reflex.
Caminante Nocturno
When I was a young lad just starting as an MST3K fan, I would have to give up the television at 8 PM to my sister, thus guaranteeing that I would only be able to watch half of an episode. One night, I refused to do so, resulting in a big shouting match between the two of us. In order to break it up and shut us up, my dad gave up what he was watching on the upstairs TV so that I could watch MST3K. He watched it with me, and as a result, he became just as big a fan of MST3K as myself, and watching the show together became a pastime that endures to this very day.

This is a heartwarming story.
These stars are for your dad.

So, do you also count the number of frames any given underage panty shot in Bubble Gum Crisis might have with your dad as well?

Ice burn


me and my dad would watch it together every saturday morning and eat cold pizza.

we still quote it together :D

yeah for cool dads!

Caminante Nocturno
There weren't any underage panty shots in Bubblegum Crisis.

What is wrong with you?

My dad died about a year before we got cable, so I never got to watch it with him. The rest of my family thought the show was stupid.

But hey, don't let me ruin your memories!

The first time I met my wife we watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 and ate kids' cereal for dinner while it was on.
I want to marry your wife

or you, for that matter. I'm not particular.

Corman's Inferno
Requesting "Billy West" tag.
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