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Desc:By Popular Demand!
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Head, zappa, Monkees
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Comment count is 16
I've never heard Zappa sound so California. He sounds like a surfer.
Frank Zappa? The guy whose kid sang "Valley Girl"?

Please don't hold that song against Frank! It was basically an "I'm sorry for not raising you" gift from her Dad that Moon guilt-tripped him into.

Syd Midnight
He encouraged all of his kids to be artists figuring at least one of them would be, and it turned out to be Dweezil.

Speaking of Frank's kids, apparently Diva Muffin is now a pretty damn good professional photographer.

B. Weed
Yay! Thank you!
You're welcome!

Next we need 200 Motels!
okay, i think i need to see this movie
"Head" is an AMAZING movie, if you're into non sequiturs and psychedelia, which is basically the Monkees in a nutshell.

Syd Midnight
They were in a contract that called for a feature movie but their show had already been canceled with no renewal, so with nothing to lose they decided to get high as hell and make a movie that would be unreleasable. That is always a rewarding decision.

I think it was less about not caring and more about wanting to basically say a big fuck you to the music industry and most of their fans.

Meat Beat Manifesto sampled the hell out of this for their Satyricon album

This movie is wrist-slitting shit.

No way. This movie is AMAZING.

One of the most legitimately subversive works of American art, period.

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