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Desc:proving idiots are truly idiots the world over
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:video, idiot, torture, uae, sheikh
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Comment count is 19
“We should be looking forward and not backwards.”

"This is something that the () government must act on immediately to salvage its reputation of a country with any semblance of law and order and fairness and justice."

That's not torture--that sheikh may have saved the lives of many camels that might have died of starvation without that grain. He's a patriot.
Cena_mark parody noted. This is torture. Our troops should'nt even go this far with terror suspects.

Oh no, he's becoming self-aware...

wtf japan
I would just like to take a moment and complain about the fact that poetv has to resort to beating on a downy effigy of conservative extremism. Feeling a privation of dialectic, baleen nobly took it upon himself to provide us with this character--and we are all indebted to him as a result. However, the ex nihilo creation a fully-fledged conservative whack-job complete with impassioned outbursts and righteous assurance has been proven too great a task for any one man. This is why arguing with cena is like punching a pillow. We are never treated to a freak out or hilarious moralizations, but instead continue to be gummed by the stripped rational gears of this automaton. It's damned boring is what it is. When will we get some real meat again?

translation = its not fun if cena_mark doesnt get a rise out of us, and its even less fun when we dont get a rise out of him

Sorry OMG Korea for not recommending this torture at Gitmo. But this does prove my point about Gitmo torture being so minor its hardly torture at all.

'hardly rape at all'

'hardly murder at all'

hardly child molesting at all'
'hardly going down on Glenn Beck at all'

Enhanced Entertainment.
wtf japan
I lost my moral outrage when he got out the salt. After the car incident, color me impressed.
the cattleprod up the ass

Gotta.. please.. my dad.. am I good enough yet?!
Well, see, he did it for fun and revenge. So it's bad. Not in good faith, y'see.

He didn't do it for no reason and revenge and then say it was for information. It's much, much worse.
People like this are in power in every culture, all over the world. The perpetual frat boys and college jocks of humanity. We let the assholes win while we snicker and make snide comments under our breath, and now the only good thing we can do is help nature wipe us out.
Son of a fuck
Our allies.

I wonder in what other ways the royal family is helping us spread democracy.
Lauritz Melchior
Old People
Our allies in the GWOT.
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