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Desc:'He's really good at doing my work.' Also, 1:22.
Category:Business, Humor
Tags:india, america, The Onion, ONN, outsourcing
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Comment count is 13
Isn't this how AIG does business?
Wait -- this is an awesome idea.
It is... Or was 'til the Onion pushed it two minutes beyond its lifespan. Oh, Onion.

im pretty sure that there was a news story several years ago about someone that did exactly this in real life.

I think that turd who wrote "The Four Hour Work Week" had a similar plan. I don't know if that's who you're talking about.

There is or was an agency that finds 3rd world people to tutor your kids in math & science & stuff... but I am too lazy to look it up

the greatest part of this was that they singled someone out to be the world's poorest man, and then assumed he'd be alive in 2025.
I see the Onion is getting out of the "fake news" business.

What would outsourced comedy look like?
Rodents of Unusual Size
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman?

Carlos Mencia

-1 star because Jakarta is in Indonesia, not Sri Lanka
This is apparently a recurring problem at Yahoo!.

I know, people at Yahoo! actually have jobs?
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