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Desc:Truly an act of heroism.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:baby, monsters, feast, movie bravery, heroics
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Comment count is 17
this is like if suicide girls and troma teamed up in a concentrated effort to try to kill my soul
Did it work?

The director must hate people who watch his movies. It's the only explanation.
That's Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds
Mister Yuck
Sorry baby.
completely boring and stupid
Sudan no1
Seems like they have a half decent cinematographer at least.
Sometimes the little ones pull their own weight.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Part of this is almost like a Charmin commercial. The way I always wished Charmin commercials would go.
Binro the Heretic
Totally telegraphed. I knew what was going to happen the moment I saw the guy getting ready to climb down from the roof.

I would actually have been MORE surprised if he had successfully rescued the baby or had, at least, chosen to die along with him.
hahah haha hahhaa
Modern Angel
The director is the son of Clu Culager.
Colonel Cowlung
The running man is another son of Clu Gulager. The baby is the son of the running man.

Unlike Binro, I didn't see this coming. I fully expected the baby to get it, but not like that.

Every time I see a clip from some current horror film it confirms everything I always say about current horror films.

(hint: they're shit and too many filmmakers think they're OMG EDGY doing shit that's been done before and better in films they probably wouldn't know about)

I also liked how they had to greenscreen the people on the roof cuz, you know, putting the actors up there and then putting a camera up there to film them would just not be indie enough.
Well really, this should only confirm everything about current horror *sequels*, seeing as how sequels suck as a rule, and doubly so for horror movies. Watch the first "Feast".

If this is dumb, then I don't wanna be smart!
This was bad. And not even the 5-star kind.
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