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Desc:Colmes, what have you done?!
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:fox news, Sean Hannity, April Fools, Alan Comes
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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Comment count is 27
What is with the crazy-right's hatred of Noam Chomsky? I realize he has increasingly been a favourite of the idiot-college-left, but he's a libertarian in ideology (a _real_ libertarian), and I was under the impression that libertarian was what all the cool kids at the RNC are calling themselves?
Speaking of "libertarians", my father went to a Lib meeting at the local college a few years back. Their first order of business was complaining about the Legislator's lack of term-limits and what could be done to implement them.

Yeah, he walked out two minutes later.

Oh and Space Helicopter, Colmes is and always will be the Judas Iscariot of the left. At least you can take comfort in the fact that all he's doing nowadays is fielding calls from Conservative trolls on his AM radio show that nobody listens to.

Caminante Nocturno
Independent of his beliefs, Chomsky's also kind of a jerk.

"Colmes is and always will be the Judas Iscariot of the left."

I wouldn't even go that far. He's a failed stand-up comic hired to make Hannity look good by comparison. He was a straw man for Hannity and Fox viewers to verbally abuse and direct their ire towards as well as a useful tool for setting up outlandish "liberal" positions for his co-star to knock down.

He's basically a political gimp for the right wing.

Chomsky isn't a libertarian. He's a libertarian socialist. Which has as much to do with modern day libertarianism as national socialism has to do with socialism.

He's also used to talk favorably of and be an anarcho-syndicalist, but I'm fairly certain he's changed his over-all political viewpoint since then.

As for why the right hates him? Seriously? have you ever heard the man speak. the left the right and everybody in between hates him because he takes a government and rips it apart.

another weird thing about him is...while he expresses his own viewpoint most of what he does is taking things that are public record and bringing them to peoples attention.

In response to WPCR as well:

I realize that Chomsky isn't a libertarian in the Bill O'Reilly / Dennis Miller / Bill Maher variety. He's a lot closer to the Loche / Nozick actual libertarianism than "modern libertarianism," which is just a way of saying Republican without using any of the words, though.

Chomsky's essay about how in order to actually have states' rights, we first have to have a powerful federal government that curbs the power of corporations was great, too.

I don't buy a lot of his linguistics, though. Just so you know.

Seeing as how you pretty much need to be able to know how to read to know who Noam Chomsky is, I'm surprised anyone on the far right has even heard of him.

And yeah, now that their guy lost you're going to be hearing a lot of "BLOO BLOO BLOO WE NEED TERM LIMITS" from the party that's supposed to stand for less government...also, the same fuckers who were trying to GET RID OF term limits when their boy was in office.

The right has, for a very long time, made sure to keep the mainstream media portrayal of Chomsky as some far-out lefty hippie very firmly in place. Marginalizing him has worked pretty well for them, but the blase attitude about Chomsky only wekaly disguises their very obvious fear of him and the work of anyone like him.

Frank Rizzo
He looks like some sort of reverse Jeff Goldblum with those things on.

Chomsky is a Libertarian Socialist AKA Anarchist/Anarcho-syndicalist. It has nothing in common with the Americans who call themselves Libertarians, who are actually anarcho-capitalists (the worst possible form of perversion of Anarchism against the entire purpose of it's intent and philosophy). The term Libertarian, like Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, French, Black Panther, University Educated, Liberty, Academic, Patriotic, 'Overweight', 'Rights', Courage, Arab, Islam, Muslim, Athiest, Buddhist, Left-wing, Smallest Portion Size, Hippy, Vegetarian, all mean something completely different inside America and to a very large portion of the populace than they do in the remaining 90% of the human population. This is one of the reasons Americans speak American, not English.

Chomsky's a jerk because he was the original bipartisan academic critic of the entire U.S. structure and not just one political spectrum within, and he used the government's own documents throughout several years as his verification of proof that the things he was bringing to light actually happened and were sanctioned by policy.

Like training death squads to kill street children.

What a jerk.
That was supposed to be a reply.

Our news media never ceases to make me cringe. It's a joke, but it just makes me think ahead to a future when news media will be nothing more than shit like this. Everyone will laugh at it but there wont actually be any facts or critical thought. To be fair we can already find examples of this on the airwaves and not just on Fox News. It's all just kinda like that shitty movie Idiocracy.
Alan Colmes is more logical than the rest, but he's still on the right.

Caminante Nocturno
I never get tired of hearing that anthem, which is good because the right is going to keep playing it for a long, long time.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Do these guys even know that Russia's been a democracy for like two decades now?
Caminante Nocturno
They haven't updated their world view in three decades.

"non-communist != democracy

Dinkin Flicka
They know that the cold war is over and we won it and that is objective truth. They probably don't think there's else worth knowing after that.

Russia's a democracy, if you consider "in the pocket of the Russian Mafia" to be a democracy.

Hardy har France!

Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
Colmes was hired to make Hannity look attractive. And now he doesn't need him. Rarrr.
So do Fox News viewer equate New York and San Fransisco with red square and Havanna now? I guess a true patriot is someone who hates large chunks of his own country.
The only difference between Fox news and the Daily Show is that the Daily Show is funny, while Fox is just sad.
Killer Joe
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