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Desc:This is going to blow your mind!
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:God, atheism, sacrifice, the bible, not yahtzee
Submitted:Papa November
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Comment count is 26
This is the best thing.
"This goes beyond evidence" - religion in a nutshell.
This is why the Bible was written in English.
Needs the "not Yahtzee" tag
or for short:

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Comrade Admiral
Leans a bit heavily on that strawman, but good for a laugh.
There is no strawman to be found in this.

I would like to hear what the Comrade's definition of a strawman is.

Because that phrase doesn't mean what he thinks it means.

The problem is that the name sounds similar to the Aristotelian Primum Movens which, unlike this idea, is a sound and valid proposition. Whether this was done with purpose, I will not speculate.

Comrade Admiral
I meant what I said.

I guess that should have been with the caveat that if these are the arguments you think are typical of religious people in general, then I feel really sorry for you.

I've never spoken with anyone about the subject who couldn't back up their beliefs better than what's represented here, so yeah, it's a convenient strawman at worst, and a gross oversimplification of religious beliefs at best.

Yeah comrade, I mean what christian follows the bible nowadays? Thats just horse puckey.

Most religious people I've met -- a shitload -- have varying degrees of ability to back up their beliefs, but in the end it comes down to faith. And faith is unshakeable in the face of absurdity. They believe what they believe because they believe it. This is, in fact, the key to religious thought -- the ability to believe something, to LOVE something, with no true evidence of its existance.

You're telling me every religous person you've met doesn't eventually fall back on faith? Bullshit. That's the point of the thing. And this video simply provides the reasons for a person to have faith in God -- because it makes life so much easier in X ways.

King of Balls
I think the original poster isn't saying that "people of faith" don't eventually rely on faith to justify their belief in something. That's a tautology, of course.

I thought the video was lovable, but not really any sort of structured attack. It's usually hard not to think of this sorta thing as smug, but this was pretty harmless.

Saying the Bible is all made up isn't exactly a strawman, it's actually pretty solid thinking. If all the other religious texts are made up garbage, then what's to say the Bible isn't, as well? What makes one crazy religion more valid than any other? It can be hard to admit you were deceived, as perhaps were almost all your forefathers, but overcoming that painful realization is the first step on a journey to a deeper truth about yourself and the world, and understanding that things are vastly more complicated, and yet also more wonderful, than one book can ever lay out for you.

Yep, that about sums it up. I'm going to have to favorite this puppy.
See, this is funny and actually insightful, but if you REALLY want to be driven insane, try using this argument against someone schooled in Christian Apologetics.
I never knew such a thing existed!
Maggot Brain
This is why MS Paint was created.
Persephone S. Tight
But anyone with a penis and at least one functioning testicle can impregnate a virgin! That's a lousy example of all-encompassing power and perfection.
zing, atheists!
Zing, idiot!

I'm confused by this; can you actually misinterpret something so badly? Was certain it was a joke if not for the 1 star.

Wow! This is the best statement against the Jews I've ever found online! Well thought out.
I like the internet sometimes.
smarmy but irrefutable
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