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Desc:Some new, some old. All terrifying.
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:landing, airliner, lifes a bittersweet symphony and then you die, side wind, skid marks
Submitted:Big Beef Burritos Supreme
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Comment count is 15
I wasn't going to upvote this too highly, but two things made me go for 5:

1. None of the reasons were "a crash."
2. The final one. Holy crap.

It was a bit over-long in spots, though.
Frank Rizzo
this is a dupe, but I love this video.

the last video had horrible tags and made it unfindable, I think its the same case with this one.
any one you can walk away from

I think this should be called:

"Top ten reasons you should thank your pilot upon leaving the plane."

-2 for shit tags but yes all of these should be requests for pilot salary increases

Are we seriously taking points off of videos for how they're tagged now?
Hey fuck you, Hooker. If we can give points for tags, then we can take them away. Don't fucking tell us how to vote. Freedom is the biggest tent of all!

But seriously -1 for the most annoying song from the 90s that wasn't by Sarah McLachlan.

This is me playing pilotwings. I NEVER GET 10/10 ON LANDING!!!!!!!!

also 0:56 BALLS OF STEEL
-2 because BBBS is fucking terrible at tags.
still safer than driving!
alot of those wobbly side-ways approaches are the pilots doing something called a 'slip,' which reduces the plane's aerodynamic capabilities dramatically in order lose altitude in a hurry.

so yes, they're doing that on purpose.
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