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Dersu Uzala
Comment count is 16
Pocket of Emotion? I'm not even sure what that means.

Whatever. Solid work with the tags and category, anon.
"I have had some excitement in my life such as having been on HGTV, acted in major motion pictures with stars like Bruce Willis, James Woods and Sarah Jessica Parker, and I have spoken all over the world in multiple languages for a variety of companies."

The sentences in her profile rival Daniel Defoe in length and clauses. Well not really, but they are still garrulously verbose.
Rodents of Unusual Size
She has violated the sacred name of POE. This is war.

Of course I'm not going to do anything, because I'm lazy, but this is definitely war!
The YouTube Cold War is on.

Do we have to jump right to war?

Could we start with, like, lazy sanctions that none of us has to do anything about? We don't want to come off as too aggressive.

Wait, wait. I wrote all that before the three-day-long two-day event. She's gone too far.

Mister Yuck
This crazy lady's already got a video up here. She is some kind of full of herself:


no idea what she said at any point

what is the problem with you guys. you CAN be really fun and creative with it.
I bet her pocket of emotion is pretty hairy.
I voted this up purely for her apparent lack of a bra. And am five starring it for the same reason.
Timothy A. Bear
Cat scuba equipment laying around, I bet this house is built in a flood plain. Screw it!
SCUBA HELMET???? Hey lady, SCUBA stands for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus! That helmet is used with older diving systems, requiring an air pump on a boat and a big long HOSE to pipe the air into the diving suit. Self Contained indeed. Boy, I hope someone got fired for that blunder!
This dumbshit realtor housewife is what caused the fucking housing bubble. She needs to choke on dicks.
There is something really macabre about her holding that thing. Also how the cameraman is reflected in it.
I jerked off to this
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