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Category:Advertisements, Religious
Tags:Star Wars, boba fett, Character Improvement
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Comment count is 19
I know this was actually '80 or so, but god, even the fucking YARD is incredibly 70s.
I had that Rebel Armored Snowspeeder. It was no Millennium Falcon.
So did I. I ruined it by painting it.

The Mothership
To this day I dread the words 'each sold separately'.
Needs "each sold separately tag"

C'mon, Han, don't go to Bespin all done up like an eskimo. I thought you had more sense, man. Also leave that dog alone, Boba Fett!
"Welcome to Cloud City!"

"Uh...Lando? This isn't Cloud City."

"What are you talking about? This is Cloud City, man!"

"This is a pile of dirt."


"You lost Cloud City to a card game didn't you?"
Doctor Arcane
Remember. No disintegrations!
Space Ratcatcher
Okay, did other people actually play outside with their action figures? Because that seems like a great way to lose their accessories. Uh uh, no way.
Doctor Arcane
I seem to recall getting sand in transformers was a problem. And yes, I was always losing those little guns.

Are you kidding? We burned them, melted them, shot them with bb guns -- except for the "cool" ones, like Bossk. We melted Luke's hand off to make him more authentic.

It was nice to have rich friends.

Testicles of Doom
I remember that the Princess Leia in the Endor Camo had a gun so small that as soon as you opened the blister pack the thing evaporated.

I also remember that Masters of the Universe would have these extra weapon packs. You could replace He-Man's lost sword, but it would now have to be neon-teal.

At one point I came into like four of those GIJoe spare weapon packs, so everyone had baby blue sniper rifles for a while. Why they even made a baby blue sniper rifle is beyond me, but damned if I wasn't going to use them. (it also came with a bad-ass rocket launcher thing that broke into a dozen pieces, suitable for running over/blowing up/furtively sneaking into the enemy base.)

You might want to rephrase that.

"At one point I came into like four of those GIJoe spare weapon packs"

D :

Robin Kestrel
Starring Ralph Wiggum as Boba Fett.
Raoul Duke 138
I'm a bounty hunter!!

Now I'm Idaho!

0:56....does Vader have a gun or is that his walking stick?
Uh guys, I'm pretty sure this stuff is non-canon.
Bossk don't take no shit
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