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Desc:Q. You crazy nut! Where did you learn to drive? A. I didn't. It's a gift!
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:new york, Horses, animal cruelty, holy shit, 1928
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Comment count is 14
You can "always" go by horse? I wonder if that still holds true for private transportation in New York City.
If not, I say we all take it to the streets. Cause that's bullshit.

PS: Except for the horses and the cops actually pulling things over, this is so much like streets in China today that it's crazy.

It's like modern day India!
Was that Babe Ruth?
Menudo con queso
Sure looked like it, but I dunno.

That raspberry at 1:03 is classic.

Cap'n Profan!ty
I think so. Wow. Also, way to have dusty streets and no lines. Those who say New York is chaotic now...you have no idea.

Albuquerque Halsey
"Babe Ruth makes an extended cameo appearance as himself, as Speedy's cab customer. Ruth was a fan of Lloyd, and director Wilde had directed him the previous year in the film The Babe Comes Home."

I sware the driver looks like Harold Lloyd and he's well know for comedies with lots of dangerous near misses.

Did people in the 1920s get annoyed by constantly hearing that AOOOGAH car horn the way people these days get pissed off at car alarms?
No wonder Lovecraft hated it there.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
I live to believe at the first screening of this silent film someones job was to sit in the back honking a car horn.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Those crazy kids with their confound speakeasies.
Goofy Gorilla
Did we see a deadly wreck at 4:21?
People were tougher back then. He probably stood right up, brushed himself off, and fixed whatever he broke with a shot of bootleg whiskey and day of hard work.

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