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Tags:dj hip-hop violin
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Comment count is 10
foopants - 2009-05-05
this is tight. i'm not getting why the vids in the past few days are "evil," although i'm not a real regular, so whatever y'all... +5'ing for good not evil. THAT IS WRONG.
Tyfus - 2009-05-06
Although PoeTV is an offshoot of POE, it's not about the evil. Chet was thinking of giving the site a different name, but decided to go with PoeTV because it's recognisable as part of the POE-sites. The EVIL part is a bit played out anyway.

Ursa_minor - 2009-05-05
Don't really like the music, but I respect the hell out of anyone who can play a good violin. What an unbelievably tough instrument.
Bozo - 2009-05-05
Pretty damn tight
Badassimo - 2009-05-06
I have this disease that makes me like classic instrumentation mixed while the freshest of modern beats. So yeah, this is good stuff.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-05-06
Pretty much. But it's the good kind of disease. I am down with the sickness.

bias - 2009-05-06
bluh, i prefer owen pallett for that sort of thing.

Twitch - 2009-05-07
It's called AIDS, friend. But it's cool, we get our own newsletter and chat list.

balistic - 2009-05-06
LeMoyne IV - 2009-05-09
I own a violin, though right now it just kind of sits there and I'm happy knowing that these kind of sounds can come out of it.

I'll learn to play it one of these days. It's not going anywhere.
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