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Desc:Just when you thought Filmation couldn't get any cheaper. From Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet...
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Live Action, cheap, Horrible cartoons infinity, groovie goolies, pixilation
Submitted:B. Weed
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Kenneth Eng
Comment count is 15
Franky's platform shoes and the randomness of the Wolf's signature laugh made this favorite-worthy.

The frightening sudden image at 2:05 is what earned the stars.

I haven't taken any drugs for a long time, but I'd love some pot right about now.
Dave Bowman: You see, something's going to happen. You must leave.
Heywood Floyd: What? What's going to happen?
Dave Bowman: Something wonderful.
Heywood Floyd: What?
Dave Bowman: I understand how you feel. You see, it's all very clear to me now. The whole thing. It's wonderful.
This is far from horrible. The real tragedy is that Groovie Goolies was cancelled mid-season, while the Love Boat went on for 15 years.
Batman, Lurch and an old hippie chase a fat kid.
B. Weed
Trivia: the reason this is B&W is because apparently the only videos floating around of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies are bootlegs of someone filming their B&W TV broadcast.

Rights issues apparently have this show tied up, though I delude myself that WB actually felt a sense of shame about pimping their characters out to effin' FILMATION. (Given that there are 2 seasons of Loonatics and they are already out on DVD, shame doesn't seem to enter into it.)
I'm surprised even the laugh track found this to be funny
What the hell was that?
Caminante Nocturno
Wow, early butt racing.
The 10 seconds of optical splitscreen was probably the single largest expense in the production of this short.
B. Weed
Probably the single largest expense in the entire hour-long cartoon it's from.

B. WEED: There's room for one more tag. Can we get a "Pixilation" tag?

The saddest of part of this is that those imaginary horses were terribly injured and had to all be put down, and when you're shooting an invisible horse with an invisible gun it sometimes takes a while to get a clean kill.
Thanks, B. Weed!

John Holmes Motherfucker
At no time was I thinking Filmation couldn't get any cheaper.
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