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Desc:Possibly the worst Power Rangers-type show to come out of the 90s.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:90s, power rangers, kids TV, Awful TV Shows, Knockoffs
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Whoa! Memory Jog!

Still not as irritating as Big Bad Beetle Borgs.
Not as irritating, because they didn't have the budget to be irritating.
This is easily my favorite Power Rangers rip-off because it was SO BAD.

"From Beverly HIUUUUUUULS"
Major flashback. That parrot thing easily makes this worthwhile.
Ah, you mean the best Power Rangers-type show.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
"Well, you see, you're an engineer with asperger's, where as I am the man that sells the ideas.

Now, shut the fuck up and lets roll."
If you keep banishing your minions to the Death-Planet your employment pool with dry up pretty fast. All the really good minions work for Mumm-Ra anyway.
Heheh, well played.

"I... have the best communication skills."
B. Weed
I'm not sure if this is worse than Van-Pires. There's only opening credit sequences for it on YouTube, which scarcely do justice.

The thing about this show was, apparently the producers tried to make their own rubber monster fight scenes instead of importing footage from some sentai show and did so on a "Saved by the Bell" budget and well...you can see how well that went.
Rodents of Unusual Size
So instead of a floating bald head, their master is a slimeblob with an arm?

I remember watching part of an episode of this once, back during it's very short run on tv. Unfortunately, all I really remember was that one character avoided a world-wide stupidifying ray because he was wearing the high-tech brain augmentation helmet the group geek had built for him. I swear, it was an aluminum foil hat with wires and macaroni glued on.
Ninjabot: The Samurai Robot
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