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Desc: sticks to smack yourself with, and HEAL!
Category:Advertisements, Religious
Tags:sticks, xhealing, two for the price of two
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Comment count is 11
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-05-14
Or you could just play the spoons all over yourself.
SolRo - 2009-05-14
Since they are supposed to increase circulation, I want to make an ad to sell these as a treatment for impotence.
zatojones - 2009-05-14
their pan flute music makes a good argument for their efficacy
Triggerbaby - 2009-05-14
So is the background video of a woman spinning around like a retard.

La Loco - 2009-05-14
Don't mock what you don't understand. Xhealing Sticks work. But to get the full effect you need to stab one into each of your eyes. Gauranteed to cure sight.
takewithfood - 2009-05-14
A tax on stupidity.
memedumpster - 2009-05-14
Okay, they're selling carbon rectangles now. In order for the holistic industry to continue further, they have to figure out a way to sell nothing at all, or your own stuff back to you.
Camonk - 2009-05-14
There, your couch is now a magical healing bed. Three hundred dollars, please. I used holistic uh herbs and shit. I'll have to come back in six months to you know fuckin' renew the herbs and shit.

Keefu - 2009-05-14
So new age it hurts.
FangoftheCobras - 2009-05-15
mashedtater - 2009-05-15
this is what has happened to the overstock of those juggling sticks from the early 90s.
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