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Desc:Very nostalgic video for people who watched wrestling in the late 90's.
Tags:90s, wwf, retro, nostalgia, wwf attitude
Submitted:griffin funne
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Comment count is 9
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-05-09
I used to watch WWF in the 90s. Back in the days of the Brood dumping stage blood on everyone, the Undertaker stalking McMahon's daughter, and...

socialist_hentai - 2009-05-09
Val Venis has no penis.
Severian - 2009-05-09
HarrietTubmanPI - 2009-05-09
So THIS must be what Cena Mark masturbates to.
futurebot - 2009-05-09
So was this guy basically a Ravishing Rick Rude ripoff?
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-05-09

FISTFULLofSOUL - 2009-05-09
Was that a nazi helmet?
HankFinch - 2009-05-09
It's a purple helmet.

Deconvolution - 2009-05-09
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