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Desc:As seen in the latest Keyboard Cat submission.
Tags:hockey, NHL, crybaby, Keyboard Cat, San Jose Sharks
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 32
This is easily twice as shameful as it appeared on the Keyboard Cat video, which is a hell of an accomplishment. It's a little odd that the best summary of internet stupid I think I've ever heard is delivered by a tired, tired old dad.
i went to college with dan boyle, and i'm pretty sure he's not as weepy as this shit is.

You know, when I saw the shirt, I was hoping the freakout was because of the Shark's hilarious choke job.
The Townleybomb
I refuse to believe that this is real. Yet I also refuse not to.
Louis Armstrong
How did dad know what was going on?

By watching his sons channel.
Dad is a Ducks fan I suppose.

THAT'S WHAT THIS WAS ABOUT?! Jesus Christ. Nobody should be that big of a fan of a Californian hockey team.
Yeah, seriously. I can understand someone getting this upset over ridiculous Internet drama, but over a sports team being eliminated from a tournament? What the fuck?


No one should be that big a fan of anything that they have to pay money to like.

These stars are for the Dad, trying to get it through his son's head that POETV will now get to taste his delicious tears.

Using sports to fill in the emotional void that son has with daddy.
The San Jose Sharks have a fan? That's a lot of weight for one person to carry, cut him some slack.
Wow, dad knows a surprising amount about how the internet works.
Caminante Nocturno
This video probably made this guy's life more difficult.
That was wonderful. Couldn't watch the kid, but dad was great.
SanSharks (1 week ago) Show Hide
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ok ok ok ok ok u guys. the person in the video is me. i have a right to be upset. the sharks shouldnt have lost to the ducks in the 1st round. IF U CANT DO IT THAT YEAR WHY BOTHER NEXT YEAR? besides im probably not the only sharks fan that was crying. we've been around for 18 yrs we should have a stanley cup

I really want to believe it's him and that he hasn't learned anything

Johnny Roastbeef
I want to believe this is real, but if you look at his face in the scenes where you see it, I feel like this is just a spectacular troll.
Agreed, something doesn't ring quite true

Most spectacular cry-sessions are mostly fake.

He's going BOO HOO HOO!!! to show how sad he is. It's not a troll, it's drama-queenery.

I am so grateful that the internet wasn't really around to document my teen years. Good lord.

Agreed. At least not in the visual sense. There's some gems of teenage stupidity out there on usenet from me, but they are 15 years old and I no longer use that nick or email address. Come to think of it, that's fucked up that those messages are still available 15 years later.

Man Who Fights Like Woman
I probably said this in the Keyboard Cat video, but: Someone should do this for Chris-chan.
"As seen in the latest Keyboard Cat submission." There's a one sentence obituary, if I've ever heard one.
Monchiles Monchiles
I didn't expect to laugh so hard at this. It will be hard for a Cat Video to top this.
Best dad in the world, really.
god let this be real
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