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Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:education, transsexuals, spoiled white children
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MightierThanTheSword - 2009-05-13
-1 because the narrator keeps using the wrong pronouns
freedoom - 2009-05-13
Who died and made you Lord of the English Language?

i agree with you, i just wanted to know when you became the new Lord.

Sodomite - 2009-05-14
socialist_hentai, your choices in the Category and Tags seem to imply that you have stronger opinions about this topic that would perhaps be better served by being further explained in the comments. I second the -1 for the misuse of pronouns, as it seems contradictory that a documentary that outlines the understandable hardships of gender identity disorder should be sensitive to identifying those whom they discuss in the manner that they have chosen.
socialist_hentai - 2009-05-14
You are correct ,sodomite, i feel that diagnosing gender identity disorder in children as young as 9, or younger, is ridiculous and unhealthy. I don't doubt the fact that some of these children may go on to be trans-gender or gay. but giving a fixed psychiatric diagnosis while they're not fully developed mentally and physically can be even more damaging than their interior struggle to understand their own feelings. Suggesting that children should receive puberty retarding medicine is, in my opinion a horrible and freakish idea and i think it's very similar to instances where very young children are diagnosed with bi-polarity or ADD and are given medical treatment. In my opinion the self-centered white upper-middle-class american is very quick to search for pathologies the moment where their child exhibits behavior that is more or less unusual, i know its a cilche to say "its just a phase" but maybe it is! I'll gladly change the description,categories and tags if anyone suggests new ones.

socialist_hentai - 2009-05-14
PS: also consider the fact that when this behavior starts it might be a phase, but the parent's panic/support/search for treatment might further complicate the problem creating a vicious circle of gender disorientation in the case of the younger children, as for the 17 y old guy/girl more power to em/er.

Sodomite - 2009-05-16
I agree with your comments about over-diagnosis regarding this condition and I still believe it likely has more do to with social environment than something inherent in one's genetics. I think the desire to surgically modify oneself to be comfortable with one's own appearance has some level of deviance attached to it, regardless of the specific circumstances under which it occurs; Western medicine seems to have a tendency to single out issues pertaining to sexuality rather than approach them in a holisitic manner since there is still some puritan aversion to the topic. While the parent's behaviour seems overindulgent towards their children, I think the comment by the mother of the younger male-to-female illustrated the issue well when she said she did not feel as if she had any clear source of guidance (inner conscience or professional) which in turn made saying "let it be" to the issue appropriate. I agree that perhaps the decisions these children are allowing to make should be saved until they are older but there is no clear idea as to when this should occur timely enough to prevent future emotional distress.
socialist_hentai - 2009-05-21
So there's no disagreement here except that i've been improper with the tags.

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