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Desc:Informative workout video that quickly degenerates into a gnome tantrum.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:gnome, bodybuilding, what?
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Comment count is 16
I hit Vote Yes in the Hopper by 0:06. He's like the Fred Rogers of weightlifting.
he really is. his videos and workout programs are great and he gives them away for free, and i can't help but want to be his neighbor.

He's 47!!!?

There's a guy in my boxing class in his mid 50s who's not as big but better defined. Nicest guy I know.

i did the same thing memedumpster, sudden feeling of "oh shit, i'm half his age...i need to hit the gym"

For a while I was wondering if you have a different definition of "Gnome", but as it turns out, nope.

SPOILERS: It starts speaking German.
Doctor Arcane
Wow. Um. Entertaining. Also this is indeed a great exercise. I probably dont pause enough at the top. From now on I'll picture a belligerent gnome correcting my form.
Damn it, this is an example of distilled internet but it still made me laugh.

Why did I laugh?!
I'm not sure what I value more in this video. The good, friendly advice, or the ballistic gnome.

In the end, he gets the stars for mocking the bench-pressers.
He stole my grandma's gardening hat...and come to think of it...her Gnome too!
I didn't expect it to suddenly go that way.
Awesome inexplicable German gnome tantrum begins at 2:50.
He's matured a lot since this:
i subscribe to him but i dont know why he's always wearing a hat inside.
This is one of my favorites, actually. Five stars just for that, and if I could pile on another 20 for "what a retard!" I would.
j lzrd / swift idiot
What the fuck?
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