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Desc:bus cant go below 50mph or it wont kill the ppl
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Rockstar, gta4, gtaiv, racistman3d
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Frank Rizzo
can someone explain the physics to me? Is it always this bizarre or is a cheat code?

Frank Rizzo
fuck, didnt mean to reply to this asshole.

So the trick to making this game fun is to play it like a retarded doofus?
I find it easier to just play Saints Row 2 and go, MAN GTA IV IS GREAT when my friends ask if I've played GTA IV yet.

That's not true. I just tell them that GTA IV is a boring, crappy mess.

This is an FPS engine... OF MADNESS
their damage models are a little unrealistic
If this game was actually this amusing there would be no need for Saints Row 2.
If real life was like this I bet more people would be willing to pay their taxes (just a theory I have)
j lzrd / swift idiot
Where did that helicopter with the guns come from?!
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