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Desc:With stuntwoman Bridget Riley. So much better than the actual scene it isn't funny.
Category:Stunts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:martial arts, Firefly, Serenity, Bridget Riley
Submitted:Grace Mugabe
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Grace Mugabe
Does anyone know who did the fight choreography for Serenity? IMDB isn't very helpful.
Chuck Norris?

Tuan Jim
Whoever it is did a really good job.

I loved how the Summer Glau-chick uses WuShu, the agent with a sword guy uses Karate, etc.

It's neat that they all have very distinct styles.

Jesse Ventura

that ugly chick is badass
wtf japan
Hit it before it hits you.

that was a pretty cool scene
Space Helicopter
Who needs a reason to fight anyway? I sure don't need some subliminal message.
Outside of a Tony Jaa movie, I don't think I've ever seen someone pretend to kick people's asses who looked more like she actually was just wrecking dudes
She's a professional boxer with a 15-0-3 (7 KOs) record. So yeah.

I really wish action movies would cast women like her instead of girls like Summer Glau but I seem to be seriously outvoted on that one.

You and Me Vs. The World, Flux.

I'll join you, if it means seeing more fight scenes like that. No problem. Let's do this. Let's write some letters and shit.

Count me in, too. Fucking A.

Bridget Riley in DEATH PUNCH.

Count me in.

Thank you mysterious black man, you've saved us all with your formidable 'standing awkwardly' technique.
credit is also due for the folks she tossed around, great stuntwork there
I was trying to figure out why the music was so familiar:

"Night Fight" by Tan Dun & Yo Yo Ma for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. That soundtrack was on my "studying music" playlist for two years of college - because seriously, yo yo ma is amazing.
I meant the intro music, not the electro part once they start fighting.

The rest of the music is "Leave Home" by The Chemical Brothers

Why, oh why, wasn't this included on the DVD?
La Loco
She looka'lika'man.
Oh, bullshit.

This is why we can't have nice things.

wtf japan
That's a deal-breaker ladies!

Not particularly, I don't think.

She's a lot faster, but the scene they've mapped out has her doing thing that aren't physically possible.

But 1:40 - 1:45 was wonderful.
dude you're watching a movie about space cowboys being chased by a black ninja, sometimes you just gotta dive in head first with these sorts of things.

All I'm saying is that a movie with space cowboys and black ninjas that has semi-realistic fight scenes is better than a movie with space cowboys and black ninjas with unrealistic fight scenes.

I am a man of simple tastes.

Now go cook me a better space-cowboy-ninja omelet.


She made it look a hell of a lot more realistic than what made the final cut. And I guarantee you that all the flat-out bullshit things were thrown in by Whedon to further emphasize his Waif's ULTIMATE PROWESS.

With Buffy, it'd make some sense, super-strength or whatnot. Crazy Girl was just supposed to be psychic, I thought, and not telekinetic-psychic, either. And she is neither fast nor strong enough to make even the plausible moves look good, let alone the implausible ones.

And she is not ugly.

Grace Mugabe
Everyone's gay for Bridgett

Well we were never completely let in on what exactly the Alliance was doing to her. This part makes some sense if you consider that she was supposed to be some sort of weapon.

I don't remember any baseball caps in the scene.
The costuming budget was slashed last minute.

I could watch this woman break faces for hours
This brought to my attention that action scenes now days have a lot of unnecessary 'people running around aimlessly' in the background. Even she gets annoyed by it and throws something into one of the runner's spines.

By that I mean Fucking Awesome Kick Explosion.

For comparison's sake, I hopped onto YouTube and found a copy of the fight scene in the actual movie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwVqW6J4FRc). Is it a surprise that this is miles above it? Better choreography, better editing, better everything.
Grace Mugabe
I can't imagine how frustrating it must be, after being part of creating something like this, to only have a sub-standard version see the light of day. Thank God for the internet.

Great fight scene setup, awful movie. Yeah I said it, Serenity was awful.
You said it, but unfortunately you can't take it back.

It wasn't nearly as good as the show. Maybe it was awful, but I think it was mainly because he just wanted to wrap up everything he would have been able to wrap up in a couple seasons if Fox hadn't canceled it.

Out of all the characters in the series, they decided to take the worst one (sociopath rape-happy bounty hunter) and use him for the movie.

Er, no. Those two quite different looking black men were actually different actors and characters.

...well this is awkward.

I don't know what "Serenity" even is but this is a badass fight scene.
Robin Kestrel
I liked the movie, but yeah, this rehearsal take just makes the actual scene look bad by comparison. Part of it is the superior choreography and camerawork, but a lot of it is that I have no trouble believing that Bridget Riley can kick ass.
Persephone S. Tight
I watched this while listening to Los Saicos, which made it even better.

Now to watch it with the Spriggs rib sex song...
I haven't seen this movie, but I'd like to think that plot is driven by a woman who seeks vengeance for the recent cancellation of her gym membership.
Testicles of Doom
When I first saw the title, I thought it was "Serendipity bar fight stunt rehearsal".

I didn't remember Kate Beckinsale opening a can of whoop as on John Cusack.... so five for not being completely senile.
Hell, I liked Serenity *and* its fight scenes, and I'm still really fucking glad I saw this.
I wish white people movies would use people who could actually fight instead of 55-pound girls who move slower than molasses.
Lies, lies, LIES!
I really want to see Bridget Riley in "Bridget Riley Beats Up Everyone."

90 solid minutes of her just kicking people and leaping over stuff.

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