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Desc:I think this drove Tonya Harding to break some kneecaps.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:dance music, Brian Orser, Scott Hamilton, Figure Skating is Not Gay, Techno Music
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Comment count is 11
oh my god oh my god oh my god

the HELLOOOOOO wave at 0:12 made me start giggling uncontrollably, and I didn't stop for basically the rest of the video

It starts getting really good at 0:54 when Brian Orser begins to vogue.
I'd have to put the high water mark at 2:29.

Testicles of Doom
Thank you, Jellyneck. I almost missed it due to impatience, but now I am rewarded with ... that.

5 stars for the backwards blue jays jersey.
This was 1992 in Toronto...the Blue Jays were bigger than god, and almost as big as Kris Kross.

i think that one dude is kelly gruber

Kelly Gruber lived on my friend's street, not bragging, but he was a pretty big deal.

WTF is this?
Lame-ass white people in colorful "hip-hop" gear. I kept expecting to sing about staying in school and how only losers do drugs. (even though they're missing the token "wheelchair" guy).
This, sir, was the 90's. Judge us not, we were a simple people with simple pleasures.


http://www.yooouuutuuube.com/v/?rows=20&cols=20&id=FMy3bBzkrLY &startZoom=1

5 for Faaaaaabuloussss!
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