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Desc:Brief nudity, but not prolonged. From Roman Polanski's first US film
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:satan, Mia Farrow, Roman Polanski, Rosemarys Baby
Submitted:Lauritz Melchior
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Comment count is 18
Lauritz Melchior
I only realized that it was a Roman Polanski film after I watched it, but that makes three out of three Polanski films that I've absolutely loved.
Lauritz Melchior
Also, I debated a "classic sexy" tag, as I would find it hilarious in this context. I'm willing to take other suggestions.

What about "relentless dick?"
It's good to know Satan prefers to rape women on tasteful floral print mattresses.
Change "Satan" with "Polanski" and "women" with "14-year-old girls" and the sentence still applies!

someone beat Millard with a pillowcase full of batteries!

Lauritz Melchior
Change "Satan" with "Stupid" and "women" with "Millard" and the sentence still applies!

Dammit Millard, you don't know what you're talking about.


AND YET he's still a great director! Funny how deeply objectionable people can still produce valuable art, huh?

La Loco
Whatever about this movie, if Polanski was in the same room as me I'd give him an elbow to the face.

The Faghorn
Brave man, beating up survivors of the Holocaust. I bet you'd burn a cross on that uppity Obama's lawn too if you had a chance.

anyway if you had a super hot wife who got killed by charles manson you'd be a child molester too

La Loco
I don't care who you are, touch a kid and you're on my shit list.

Lauritz Melchior
You're like those fools who don't listen to Wagner's because he was an anti-Semite (and a reprehensible human being, but that never comes up). Judge the work on its own merits, not by its creator.

Also, this movie was directed about a decade before the sex-scandal, not that it should matter.

La Loco
I can separate an artist from their work. That means enjoying they're art then elbowing them in the face.

Satan and I like to take his pontoon boat out on Norris Dam and get high and mess around.
also, hooray for mia farrow naked! HOOORRRAAYYYYYyy
Great film, but the scariest part of it is how amazingly huge unsubdivided Morningside Heights apartments were.
didn't they shoot this in the Dakota building?

Very trippy. I enjoyed this a lot.
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