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Desc:Brief nudity, but not prolonged. From Roman Polanski's first US film
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:satan, Mia Farrow, Roman Polanski, Rosemarys Baby
Submitted:Lauritz Melchior
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12:01 PM
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Comment count is 18
Lauritz Melchior - 2009-05-18
I only realized that it was a Roman Polanski film after I watched it, but that makes three out of three Polanski films that I've absolutely loved.
Lauritz Melchior - 2009-05-18
Also, I debated a "classic sexy" tag, as I would find it hilarious in this context. I'm willing to take other suggestions.

What about "relentless dick?"
Desidiosus - 2009-05-18
It's good to know Satan prefers to rape women on tasteful floral print mattresses.
Millard - 2009-05-18
Change "Satan" with "Polanski" and "women" with "14-year-old girls" and the sentence still applies!

chairsforcheap - 2009-05-18
someone beat Millard with a pillowcase full of batteries!

Lauritz Melchior - 2009-05-18
Change "Satan" with "Stupid" and "women" with "Millard" and the sentence still applies!

Merzbau - 2009-05-18
Dammit Millard, you don't know what you're talking about.


AND YET he's still a great director! Funny how deeply objectionable people can still produce valuable art, huh?

La Loco - 2009-05-19
Whatever about this movie, if Polanski was in the same room as me I'd give him an elbow to the face.

The Faghorn - 2009-05-19
Brave man, beating up survivors of the Holocaust. I bet you'd burn a cross on that uppity Obama's lawn too if you had a chance.

chairsforcheap - 2009-05-19
anyway if you had a super hot wife who got killed by charles manson you'd be a child molester too

La Loco - 2009-05-19
I don't care who you are, touch a kid and you're on my shit list.

Lauritz Melchior - 2009-05-19
You're like those fools who don't listen to Wagner's because he was an anti-Semite (and a reprehensible human being, but that never comes up). Judge the work on its own merits, not by its creator.

Also, this movie was directed about a decade before the sex-scandal, not that it should matter.

La Loco - 2009-11-04
I can separate an artist from their work. That means enjoying they're art then elbowing them in the face.

athodyd - 2009-05-18
Satan and I like to take his pontoon boat out on Norris Dam and get high and mess around.
chairsforcheap - 2009-05-18
also, hooray for mia farrow naked! HOOORRRAAYYYYYyy
Stopheles - 2009-05-19
Great film, but the scariest part of it is how amazingly huge unsubdivided Morningside Heights apartments were.
zatojones - 2009-05-19
didn't they shoot this in the Dakota building?

Nikon - 2009-05-19
Very trippy. I enjoyed this a lot.
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