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Desc:It's like Roots in reverse.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:humor, Letterman, Ricky Gervais, Jokes, anglo
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Comment count is 10
These improv'd anecdotes are just as funny as when I heard them word-for-word on Xfm a decade ago.
You mean comedians think of things to say before they say them, and want to please an audience?

Also, what's the deal with how people over 30 tend to repeat the same stories multiple times?

erection reset by queer
Actually he's telling a story originally told by Karl Pilkington as if it happened to him. Granted, he probably wrote it for Karl in the first place.

I love Office and Extras, but Gervais is turning out to be a much better actor/writer than comedian/personality.

boredom sets in by 2:30
laughter sets in 2:31

Sammy Barnathan
I really liked The Office, and the character of David Brent.

But I can't stand Gervais as himself. Maybe he's less annoying to Americans? He's certainly getting the most out of what little he's actually done. It's much more satisfying to see the likes of Fry, Laurie etc gain success in America given the amount of good stuff they produced for years in the UK.
as an American, I can fully back you up on him being a totally mediocre comedian.

Canadian backup chimes in as well.

On that note, Russell Brand is also shit.

3 stars because this is better than most American Late Night Talk Shows.

Sammy Barnathan
Oh God I caught some of Russell Brand stand-up on the TV once. I was literally enraged at how shit he was. I was shouting at his audience, "Why are you laughing??!!"

Ahem, but yeah, comedy, subjective etc.

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