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Desc:This really is how they fight.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:fight, guinea pigs, spastic jumping
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Comment count is 25
just wait til they unlock the Force-a-Nature
so when is valve releasing the guinea pig update?

Lauritz Melchior
Don't be silly. Force of Nature is an 8/8 green trample with marginal upkeep!

It's certainly no Verdant Force.

Tuan Jim
Anyone remember S&BB's old posts about the Tongans fighting each other?

I had a guinea pig. It died. I never let her out of her cage. Granted, I was a kid, but I feel I owe an apology to all the guinea pigs out there.
Guinea pigs can be very docile and personable. I had one as a kid and I'd take him out and he'd run all over the floor and make little sounds and sit in my lap and shit.

Pouring a 40. See you at the crossroads, Higgins.

I had a guinea pig for over ten years. She was 807 in guinea pig years. I miss you Squeaky, and sorry about building that shed over your grave.

And then the Peruvians eat them.
Ecuadorians, too. They're a delicacy there.

In my opinion, they're nothing special.

I have a permanent mental image of walking past an old lady in brightly coloured clothing selling roasted guinea pig on a stick in Cusco. They were skinned, impaled, crispy and their faces locked in an endless death scream.

As a side note, I'm thinking elementary school science teachers could use guinea pig fighting to demonstrate the properties of electrons and neutrons to little kids.

Mike Tyson?!
They sound like they have laser guns.
they sound like they ARE laser guns

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
they sound like computers from star trek

Binro the Heretic
We used to know a lady who bred and raised guinea pigs for pet shops/zoos/labs/etc. She raised them in a big building behind her house.

Whenever she opened the door to go in there, it sounded like a million tiny car alarms going off.


It's funny, because I found myself humming the "Amok Time Fight Music" while watching this.

Yeah they are kind of like tribbles with heads and feet aren't they?

Our guinea pigs threaten violence by walking in circles around each other and purring. It's a very cute threat of violence.
So that's what the kitchen floor looks like, now let's look in the bedroom where we keep the ferret colony...
wtf japan
Seriously. Ew.

That's what I was thinking "This looks more like a ferret owner's residence."

Still, these two have spastically jumped their way into my heart so 5 stars.

Now you've imagined that, imagine the smell.

poopoo carpet
Needs Star Trek battle music for that magic elusive sixth star.
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