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Tags:PSA, Child abuse, muslims, Pakistan, Flash animation
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Comment count is 19
There's something to be said for not dealing with the subject through innuendo, fading to black to avoid showing children an example of what abusers might actually try as so many American PSAs do.

Also, flash animation makes me feel like I should be able to interract in some way. Maybe someone can tack on a fighting mini-game between the father and the driver.
Caminante Nocturno
You're not supposed to let the kid actually drive.
Sounds like you never had one of the really good molesters.

the order seems wrong.

i would think molest, then let him drive.

least thats how it happened for me.



My molester used to buy me ice cream AND let me drive.

Yeah? Well, my molester let me drive, bought me ice cream, AND let me play 'All-Star' by Smash Mouth on the car radio!

So he made you listen to the 91.9 Light FM while it happened?

I like how the father IMMEDIATELY takes action into going to beat the hell out of that driver.
Pakistan, dude. They don't have the same civil litigation system as us.

Adham Nu'man
He said "I will just FIX him"

–verb (used with object) Informal. to castrate or spay

Considering it's Pakistan, I'm pretty sure that's what he means by FIX.


What do expect from a driver that hasn't been neutered?

Well, shit yeah he's gonna beat that driver!
That's his SON he molested. Damn ingrate driver already bought the guy's daughter, he should be diddling HER!

Wait, so is the father going to molest the driver?
Doctor Arcane
Honor Killing FTW!

Caminante Nocturno
Honor molestation sounds like good idea, but only in theory.

Unfortunately, the driver was prepared and shot the father to death on the driveway. Afterward, little Ali all he wanted.

Ali later became a very good driver thanks to all the practice he had ignoring distractions.
Afterward, HE MOLESTED little Ali all he wanted.

I like the open-ended homicidal turn it takes at the end there.
yes this psa needs another psa to explain the ending.

keeping those flash animators working.

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