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Desc:'Stevia = Cold Fission = Stevia + Water + Energy = Water Exploding into Fuel/Soup'
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:MMA, SCIENCE!, Dan Quinn, stevia, cold fission
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Comment count is 12
I had this on while I was making lunch and I was unable to follow anything that he was talking about. Is this a fuel source or a food supplement? Is it both? Where does the orgasm fit in? I'm so confused.
It's a sweetener. Apparently it makes you batshit crazy.

I love that his MMA challenge involves "no kicks or ground." So basically boxing with four ounce gloves.

Stevia is basically a form of natural sweetener. Batshit crazy people think stirring massive quantities of it into water, or just sniffing lines of it a la coke will give you boosts of etherial magic energy that will turn you into superman but the GOVERNMENT is engaged in a conspiracy to make sure you don't know this about stevia.

Sudan no1
I dont care who this guy is but I learned about stevia thanks to him, 4 stars.

My diabetic buddy uses stevia in his tea. At no point has it sent him into a 4 minute long rant about arbitrary bullshit. Perhaps it is time for us to up his dosage.

Menudo con queso
Luscious luscious madness. When I finally go off the rails, I can only dream of it being this beautiful.
Also, it may get lost in all of the crazy, but at one point he claims to be the inspiration behind the "Bad Boy" logo.
Yeah, I caught that, I thought it flowed pretty well with the rest of the crazy actually. Did he say that he was suing someone so that he would be recognized for that? I got lost in all the equations.

Dr Dim
Oh NOW you all vote for Dan Quinn videos.
Jesus christ.
I don't think this can reasonably be considered "speaking"
I'm gonna try the violin on my wife, how much stevia do we have to snort for it to work?
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